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Come Practice Yoga with me on THRVLY!

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A few years ago I found myself in a really bad slump fitness wise.  I had 3 young kids at home and I was struggling to find time to fit going to the gym into my routine.  I had gone from going to yoga classes a few times a week throughout my last pregnancy to never practicing at all.  I felt like I had zero energy and to be honest, it was pretty depressing.

One day I decided that I couldn’t make excuses any longer.  I got out my computer and found a yoga video on YouTube.  After that day I kept practicing daily via online classes.  I immediately began to notice changes both physically and mentally.

Fast Forward 6 months and I was back to going to yoga classes.  This time at a new gym, practicing with my soon to be mentor, Joseph Stingley.  I dreamed of teaching yoga one day, and it has become a reality and it all started by getting online and doing yoga classes at home.

Now things have come full circle.  I am a yoga teacher, and not only that, but I am creating online classes for people like me who might not be able to make it to a live class.  You can practice with me on !  THRVLY is a platform for creators of both workouts and health conscious recipes.  Access to much of the website is except for some exclusive content that you can subscribe to for a few buck a month.  My first video is up now!


If you try the class, let me know what you think!



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