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A Fresh Start for February: Bon Appetit Food Lover’s Cleanse

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I have to come clean to you guys. I have been really crappy to my body the last few months. It has been filled with too much pizza and wine, and not enough sleep and exercise. The once frequent nutrient packed and veggie centric meals are now a very rare occurrence, and Annie’s Mac and Cheese is currently considered health food at our house.

I don’t really know how things took such a shift. I think it is just a combination of triggers. The kids, the move, trying to get a million things done each and ever day (sound familiar?), somehow my health took a nose dive straight to the bottom of the priority list. I am really starting to feel the effects of it too. I am almost always tired, I am not sleeping well, and really irritable.

I have been wanting to try something new and turn it around for awhile now. Even though I know how to prepare a to of clean and delicious dishes, I haven’t had that spark of motivation or creative kick in the rear that I needed to jump start it, until last Thursday. I was somewhere in a Pinterest rabbit hole when I saw this: “Bon Appitite Food Lover’s Cleanse 2015.” Despite doing the Dr Oz 3 day cleanse a couple of years ago and having great result, the idea of a strict juice or smoothie cleanse sounds about like hell in a glass to me now. The thing about the food lover’s cleanse is that you get to eat, and actually chew, your food, which takes some of the fear away for me.

The menu looks really intriguing. It has some veggies that are new to me. So I am starting today. I am hoping that it will bring me back to life a bit.
Did I mention that it includes dessert too?

I will be back to report my results, and hopefully share some yummy new healthy(ish) recipes too!

Have you ever tried a cleanse? Want to do this with me? Get started here here!



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