We have spent the majority of the past few weekends working in the yard, preparing a space for our little kitchen garden.  This will be my first real attempt at gardening, an ambitious undertaking considering the extreme climate here.  In preparation, I have been spending many hours reading online about different gardening methods and pinning away ideas on Pinterest.  After a little research we decided to try raised bed gardening.  I hope that it will give us the best chance of being successful. Matt bought some natural cedar lumber from Home Depot, and built three 3×8 beds and a 3×3 bed. We have already planted a variety of vegetables and herbs, despite the ominous warnings from people we know about not planting anything before May long weekend.  I think our gamble will pay off, and I cannot wait until we have our first bowl of garden salad.

The Plan

The help

I kept some of the herbs in pots so I can bring them in at the end of the season

Half finished bamboo cages for the tomatoes and lemon balm to keep mosquitos at bay.